Research Team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

University of Michigan

PhD students

Jiahao Shi (2021-)

Jiahao Shi is an incoming PhD student (Fall 2021) in the department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. Before joining IOE, he received the bachelor’s degree in the school of Mathematics at the Shandong University and the master’s degree in the department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the Johns Hopkins University. He is interested in stochastic optimization, derivative-free optimization, and machine learning. His research is motivated by solving real-world optimization problems. He is currently working on constrained stochastic optimization.

Masters students

Kai Liu (2020-)

Kai Liu is a second-year master student in Applied Statistics at the University of Michigan. he is interested in Optimization Methodology and Complexity Analysis of Optimization. He is currently working on methods related to Machine Learning.

Jiannan Xu (2020-)

Jiannan Xu is a second-year master’s student in the department of statistics at the University of Michigan. His research interests focus on using mathematical modeling, optimization methods, and Bayesian inference to solve data-driven problems in operation management. He is currently a research assistant for Prof. Berahas, conducting research in the area of optimization methods and machine learning. He completed his B.B.A. in Financial management and B.S. in Mathematical Statistics at Xiamen University, China.

Undergraduate students

Samir Agarwala (2021-)

Samir Agarwala is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He is interested in using optimization to make the training of deep learning models more efficient and scalable. He is also interested in using computer science to improve the accessibility, safety and quality of healthcare and is working on simulation and optimization projects in healthcare as a research assistant at the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety at the University of Michigan.

Xiaoyi Qu (2020-)

Xiaoyi Qu is a junior studying mathematics at the University of Michigan. He is interested in both applied and theoretical aspects of optimization method and problems. 

Zihong Yi (2020-)

Zihong Yi is a junior undergraduate double majoring in Honors Math and Computer Science at University of Michigan. He is interested in Optimization, Algorithms, and Combinatorics. The idea of studying the underlying mathematical structure of discrete objects as well as the design and analysis of algorithms to solve or optimize real-world problems fascinates me. (website)

Chengyue Zhang (2021-)

Chengyue Zhang is a junior undergraduate student majoring in IOE at the University of Michigan. She is part of the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiaotong University Dual Degree program and her second major in SJTU is Mechanical Engineering. She is interested in optimization algorithms and application of optimization methods in real-life problems.


Lehigh University

Masters students

Ved Patel (2018-)

Ved is a Master’s student at the Industrial & Systems Engineering department at Lehigh University. He completed his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India. He is passionate about modelling and solving real-world problems using optimization techniques and machine learning. His current research is focused on developing a deep learning model which can perform object detection by observing sound frequencies in the environment mimicking the sonar technology. His research is supervised by Professor Martin Takac (Industrial & Systems Engineering, Lehigh University) and Professor Joshua Agar (Materials Science & Engineering, Lehigh University).

Sudeep Metha (2018-)

Sudeep Metha is a Graduate student at Lehigh University pursuing his Masters in Industrial and Systems Engineering. His current research is focused on quantifying the adoption of Blockchain Technology to optimize the inventories in a disrupted supply chain environment. His areas of interest broadly include real-world applications of Supply Chain Optimization, Machine Learning, and Operations Research. He has worked on projects related to library shift scheduling, production planning, lean philosophy, and predictive modeling. Sudeep received his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai.

Collaborators (alphabetical order):